Peer Review Policy

All articles published in this proceedings journal will undergo a peer review process. The primary purpose of this process is to ensure that all published articles are of acceptable publication standard.

  • The peer review process of the papers published in this journal proceedings is managed by the organizers. All submitted articles must undergo peer-review by at least two reviewers who are expert in the field. The assigned proceedings editors are responsible to ensure that this peer review process has been completed by the organizers.

  • The peer review process must be conducted through our platform unless another method is agreed with the editorial team.

  • Conference papers must meet all the usual standards of quality for a proceedings publication. Review papers are also welcomed and accepted. Papers that have very low scientific standard or have been published in written form elsewhere should not be considered.

  • All article submissions and the peer review process must be conducted in English.

  • Reviewers shall give a clear statement of recommendation for each paper. Comments must be included to support their recommendation. These comments should be suitable for transmission to the author. Editors and organisers shall only accept papers where there is clear support from the reviewers.

  • The publisher has the right to investigate any suspicions and/or allegations of misconduct, and to reject any articles that are deemed unsuitable for the proceedings journal publication.