Guide for Organizers

This online proceedings journal only accepts batch submission of presented papers in aerospace-related conferences, seminars and other similar events. The submission should be in English language. The following is an overview of the publication procedure as a guide for interested organizers:

  • The organizer contacts the Managing Editor ( with details of the conference or event. 

  • The Managing Editor reviews the details of your conference or event and assigns an editor if a proceedings publishing agreement can be offered. The assigned editor will contact and confirm with the organizer.

  • Once the publishing agreement has been signed, the organizer will be registered to use our proceedings management platform to handle the peer review process. Each conference will have its own account and dedicated area on the platform.

  • Authors prepare their articles according the journal's template and submit them to the conference organizer via the proceedings management platform. The conference organizer acts as editor managing the peer review process. Note that the conference organizer is free to choose and register paper reviewers for their conference or event, but the reviewers should at least possess a Master's degree in the relevant fields.

  • Once review of the articles is completed and all final version of the articles are ready for publication, the conference organizer notifies and submits the final papers to the Publisher. Note that a minimum of 10 articles is required for publication of each issue of the proceedings journal and the conference organizer is responsible to ensure that the number of papers for their issue publication is adequate.

  • Based on the submitted final papers, the Publisher will issue the publication invoice to the organizer. Once the payment for the publication fees is received by the Publisher from the organizer, the publication process for all the articles begins. Note that the Publisher will NOT accept any direct payments from individual authors and it is the responsibility of the organizer to collect their publication fees. At this point, any changes to the articles are no longer allowed.

  • The publication of the articles is completed and they are made available online in the proceedings journal's website. Note that this proceedings journal publication by the Publisher is available only in online format and no hardcopy of the publication issue will be made available.